What Is Starter Studio?

Starter Studio is an accelerator program for technology related startups in the earliest stages of development. We stand out among other accelerator programs. As a non-profit, Starter Studio takes absolutely no equity in the companies that enter the program. This allows us to focus on our goal, building the entrepreneur and developing them to be successful in either this venture or the next. We are truly unique for our stance in the belief that the entrepreneur is what we accelerate. Our program’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to take on anything and live the American dream.

Our program is recommended to entrepreneurs by many business men and women in the local Orlando area, we strategically select the most suitable businesses to strengthen each class. Our classes often have businesses that help one another and frequently collaborate. The Starter Studio program provides teams the unique opportunity to gain education, mentorship, legal and financial resources, networking opportunities, and the right culture to help innovative solutions grow. Each week of our program is designed to help each company perform crucial steps to the development of any startup. The curriculum is supplemented with the assistance of devoted mentors who are matched with each company based on their profession and expertise.

What we’ve created is the most optimal environment to stimulate Orlando’s youngest and most enthusiastic entrepreneurs to breakdown boundaries and execute their dreams. We’ve proven this method and continue to bring this one-of-a-kind program to strengthen the community of Orlando.

Applications for our 8th class of starters will be open soon, more updates coming. If you’re accepted you’ll begin the 12-week intensive training tin early August, 2017.  Please help us spread the word if you know anyone who should apply.

Stay Informed:

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What is a Starter?

In the book REWORK, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson discourage the use of the term “entrepreneur.”

“Everyone should be encouraged to start [their] own business, not just some rare breed that self-identifies as entrepreneurs.”

Instead they recommend the term “Starter” to describe anyone doing what they love on their own terms by starting a business in order to actualize a far-reaching, positive change.

What Is The Program?

We do the following to help our starter’s succeed:

  • Match Starters with experienced and successful mentors who will help strategically guide them. They have “walked the walk” and will provide insights by “talking the talk.”
  • Organize educational events relevant to Starters’ needs, taught by some of the best teachers and entrepreneurs in Florida.
  • Host Founder Talks, where successful entrepreneurs tell stories of their struggles and successes.
  • Host Investor Talks, where investors give you tips about how to win funding (if that’s something you’re into).
  • Supply 24/7 access to working space at our brand new location co-working space called Canvs in downtown Orlando.
  • Facilitate access to free legal and financial assistance.
  • Assist introductions to influential decision-makers in their industry.
  • Provide guidance and support for companies when they get stuck. We’ve all been there.
  • Serve all the coffee, espresso, sodas, and snacks you need with our beautiful open kitchen.
  • Showcase you at a Demo/Pitch day at the at the end of our program to get you some publicity.

Seventh Class Demo Day Videos

You can watch Demo Day pitches from each of our seventh class Starters in the video above or on youtube here. On May 10th, 2017 seven of our startups took stage at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in front of 300+ people to highlight what they’ve accomplished, pitch their business, and show you why their startup will succeed. We’re extremely proud of the companies in our seventh class, and can’t wait to see them grow even more successful.

Apply to Starter Studio

Who Should Apply?
Anyone who wants to take their company to the next level. You might have an idea, a prototype, or a product that needs some focus and guidance.

During our 3-month program we’ll be driving you towards a sellable product, so you’ll need to have people on your team capable of building your product. If you don’t have someone on your project that can develop or design it, you’ll need to solidify help before you apply.

We’re creating a collaborative environment, where all the teams will be encouraged to help each other. If you feel like you have “most” of what you need to create your product we hope you might apply to our next class. Applications will open soon, please check back soon for more information.

What Does It Cost?
Nothing.  We will give you desk space, resources, amenities, and our time at no cost. We will also give you a single parking pass for your team. Additional parking passes are subject to charge.

About Starter Studio

Who’s Behind This Crazy Idea?

Starter Studio was created by Gregg Pollack, founder of Envy Labs and Code School as a passion project to help tech startups in Orlando thrive.  Donna Mackenzie is the Executive Director of the program and Dayle Moore is the Program Director.

How do I get involved?
We see the Starter Studio as a community effort, and we’d love to get your help.

  • Interested in supporting us as a Sponsor? If you want to support our activities, and help build more Startups here in Orlando we’d love to have you onboard as a sponsor. Contact dayle@starterstudio.com.
  • Interested in becoming a Mentor? Drop us an email and we’ll add you to our mentor list. Our next nentor orientation will likely be sometime in February after our startups arrive for the seventh class.
  • Interested in helping teach? Do you have an area of expertise that might be valuable to Starters, or you’re a founder of a company and would like to share your experience? Help us Educate.
  • Are you an investor? We would love to Get Involved with more local investors in Orlando, not only to have you come speak to our startups, but also perhaps to match you up with ones who are looking for investment.


Why are you doing this?
We want to help build the tech Startup community here in Orlando. We’re excited about all the momentum building around the state with business accelerators such as the Tampa Bay WaVE, Venture Hive in Miami, and the UCF Blackstone LaunchPad.

How do I get in contact with you?
Inquiries should be emailed to Dayle Moore.

Where is Starter Studio located?
Starter Studio’s sixth class will run inside Canvs, a coworking space for tech startups in downtown Orlando.   You’ll be surrounded not only by your classmates, but by other small successful startups in Orlando.

Do I have to be at the Starter Studio every day if I get accepted to the program?
That’s the idea. We’re all about execution which means you need to be in the office for the entire three months. Obviously there are going to need to be small exceptions (life happens), but we’d need to keep that to a minimum.  If you have to keep your day job to work on your startup, you shouldn’t apply.

Starter Studio’s Ninth Class

The following companies were in Class 8 and graduated in November 2017:

Helps you track, learn, and stay informed about the crypto-currencies you love most.

A platform for Distributed Object Computing. We remove the physical constraints of an individual program or computer, and have the network act as a single entity.

iTruck Technologies, LLC.
A two-sided platform meeting the moving and logistics needs of small and medium-size businesses by linking them with independent truck owners.

Local Corps
A local, city-based organization that would be a call to arms for those who want to offer their services during a crisis and a hub for volunteer opportunities and information.

A mobile app to “PhreeUp” busy peoples’ time so they may enjoy the things that matter most, by providing on-demand runners to tackle errands.

A highly-interactive and multi-faceted live events streaming solution for use mainly with virtual reality and other platforms.

An employee travel and vacation benefit for the modern employer. Think 401k for employee personal travel and vacation planning.

Visa Prep Pro, LLC
A platform offering affordable and convenient online virtual visa interviews, visa interview advice, and counseling provided by former US Department of State consular Officers.

Waidt App
An app that creates experiences for guests using their budget, location, preferences, and personality while also changing the way businesses utilize their marketing budgets.

Wakeboard Coaching
A full-service wakeboard consulting company delivering digital, virtual and in-person guidance to help wakeboarders achieve their riding goals faster and safer.

Creates 360 degree videos and live experiences in VR by partnering with brands to offer ways to connect with viewers interactively.